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At Infinite L.A.B. Media we are able to inter-mingle a non-traditional aspect of photography, with real life client needs. We mix candid, formal photography with the traditional style of photojournalism. It is our goal to make sure that we meet your needs. Please contact us for an appointment today.

From your first “I do” to the “Thank You,” at Infinite L.A.B. Media we will work with you to recreate your wedding, anniversary, sweet sixteen, graduation, party, or any event that we deem is morally progressive.

We will also provide you with all the resources necessary to ensure that when our job is done you and your guest are truly pleased. We look at every detail and will work with you to create your ideal invitations, make your photographs into artistic masterpieces, videography to relive the moment, or playing the best songs for your first dance to the last one that night.